Invited speaker – Joanna Józefowska

Prof. Joanna Józefowska, PhD
Poznan University of Technology, Faculty of Computing




Title of the invited lecture: Just-in-time scheduling (The EURO plenary)

Abstract: Although scheduling is already a mature field of operational research it continues to inspire researchers with variety of practical applications, new models and solution approaches. One of the examples is just-in-time scheduling that has many practical applications in manufacturing as well as in computing systems.  The goal of this talk is to present two approaches to just-in-time scheduling. The first one follows from the traditional Toyota system and the second one is an extension of a classical formulation of a scheduling problem. Each of them  relates to slightly different production conditions. Both lead to interesting theoretical results.

Short CV: prof. dr. Joanna Józefowska is full Professor at the Institute of Computing Science, Poznan University of Technology, currently Vice-rector for Research at PUT. Graduated in Mathematics at Adam Mickiewicz University and Management Engineering at PUT, Ph.D. and habilitation at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, PUT. Post-doc at Memorial University, Newfoundland Canada, visiting professor at Brandenburg University of Technology and University of Siegen. Coordinator of the EURO WG on Project Management and Scheduling (together with Erik Demeulemmester — KU Leuven). Major research areas: scheduling (project, machine, production), artificial intelligence – in particular knowledge representation systems. Author and co-author of 8 books and more that 100 papers in major professional journals and conference proceedings.